PEOPLE-metr 2011 is an exhibition project presenting the artwork of over 40 artists from predominatly the following countries: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland (amongst the exhibitors are also guests from Russia, France and Croatia).

    PEOPLE-metr 2011 consists of several exhibitions which will subsequently take place in the above named countries. It begins in the Czech gallery Zbraslav based in Prague, followed by two exhibitions in Slovakia, firstly at the Zapodoslovenske Museum in Trnava and later at the Zitnostrovske Museum in Dunajska Streda. Continuing on to Hungary, the exhibition takes place in Sopron and Budapest, after which it will move to Czestochova in Poland. Finally, the exhibition will finish its journey in the Czech Republic, back to where it started, in Gallery 9 in Prague.

    The explanation of the title for the exhibition PEOPLE-metr 2011 is in its focus on only figural artwork, which explains the word 'people' in the title. Another special feature of this 'travelling' exhibition is the definition of the artwork format (100cm x 70cm), which explains the second part of the title 'meter', from Czech 'metr'. Exhibitors therefore had to work within the criteria of this format, as well as the figural character of the artwork.

    The subtitle or the motto of this exhibition is based on the idea of John Berkeley: 'Esse est precipi' (to be is to be perceived). Focus on the figural expression of a person and how he/she is perceived in the present time, has become an inspiration to create various artwork using different techniques (oil, acrylic, drawing, graphics.).

    The idea for the exhibition PEOPLE-metr came from the Czech artist, Frantisek Tomik, who organized the the original concept of this type of exhibition in in 2009 in the Zbraslav Gallery in Prague. However, only with the collaboration of the Slovak artist, Milos Prekop and other participating artists, has this exhibition achieved its international dimension.

    Meter is the metric unit of length or distance. And this distance gave the inspiration to expand this project by including artists from other countries as well as from the four original countries.


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